Is Iran really a bad place to travel?

Iran, being one of the top targets of the latest sanctions by the United States and United Nations is actually a very clean and amazing country to travel. The beauty of Iran lies in its people who are very humble, honest, trustworthy and hardworking. That is why Iran has been living so well, even after surviving from all these sanctions. Iran is not a land-locked country and that is where the beauty of Iran resides. It has one of the most wonderful beaches in the world which are along the coastline and kept very clean for visitors and foreigners.

Iran is also very cheap in eateries, hoteling and shopping. The busy Tehran shopping centers are filled with many foreigners from different countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Chinese and major Arabian countries. South Tehran is the place every American needs to visit once in life to view the magical colors of the place. Relatively, North Tehran is more of residential and filled with mostly elite class Iranian people whose main purpose is to bring Iran to the list of most successful countries in the world.

We do not know for sure if Iran is enriching uranium for peaceful purposes or for a bomb, but what we know is that Iran has some cities which are not to miss before you die. These include Mashhad, Hamadan, Shiraz and Esfahan. Millions of Muslims visit these cities each year because of their religious and traditional attractions as well as sites and shrines that belong to the families of their first Prophet. Mashhad is a great city filled with the most humble and down to earth people in the world. This place has a shrine that is mostly visited in a certain month of the year by Muslims. Moreover, Mashhad has a large university and many other attractions that will change your mind about the non-diversity of Iran.

Apart from Tehran and Mashhad, Hamadan is also frequently visited by foreigners because of its cave that has a wonderful entrance and is so cold that you might need a sweater as well as a jacket to easily survive the water raft visit at this cave. This cave also holds major drawings and painting and has beautiful sculptures that will heavily drop your jaws.

One other city a must mention is Isfahan. This city is ranked as the one of the cheapest cities on this world. The markets are filled with latest addition clothing’s, apparels, watches, shoes and various other products in very cheap prices and could be a lot more less if you have the talent and power of bargaining. The word used of bargain in Iran is called “Bakshish”, which literally means “Bargain or make the price less”.

So, Iran is a must visit place to travel this season, if you haven’t already explored this country yet. Leave behind all the claims and warnings from the government and the media and visit this astonishing Asian country this season and we wish you peace, solidarity and harmony. Iran provides a full proof security to all the foreigners including Americans, Australians, Britishers and a couple of other first world countries.

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