Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of exotic crazy. It holds many of the same cultural values as India and Pakistan formerly being a part of the great Sub-Continent of Asia. Same as the Bengali lands the Bengali weather is wild and erratic. Along with sharing a border with India and Myanmar, Bangladesh shares a large coast with the Bay of Bengal which is one of the deepest sea ports in the world. The strong currents from the Bay ensure unexpected heavy showers of rain at any time of the year, the rain only intensifies the actual beauty of Bangladesh.

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Bangladesh inhabits the world’s largest mangrove forest in Sundarbans. The forest although located on the border shared by India and Bangladesh both, the greater part of the forest is on Bengali terrains. The forest in not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also institutes the endangered Bengali tigers which are also the country’s national animal.


Chittagong is the most striking city of Bangladesh and home to many tribal groups that dwell in the hill-tracts of the city. The picturesque river of Sandu is located in the Chittagong hill-tracts area, a jetty ride in the wet season can really be a magical experience. In the magnificent city also dwells the beautiful village of Rangamati surrounded by blue and jade waters where vibrant ferries can be seen floating or an elephant gloriously strolling on the banks.


Bangladesh is the world’s largest producer of tea leaves and Srimangal is the nucleus of tea meadows in the whole country. Even though, Srimangal is one of the most outstanding destinations to visit in Bangladesh it is seldom crowded. You may walk in the lush fields of tea leaves and find yourself alone. A few minutes of cycling can lead you to the divine Hamham Waterfalls of Srimangal an astonishing sight to behold.


Dhaka is not the capital city of Bangladesh for nothing, the city may be unalike the wilderness of Sundarbans and Srimangal but offers another kind of muddy maze. Dhaka is colorful, outlandish and a true glimpse at the uniqueness of Bangladesh. The city used to be the throne of Mughal Emperors and is home to countless synagogues; mosques, temples and churches altogether. Make sure to taste the exotic dishes in Old Dhaka.

Cox’s Bazaar

In a town far South, Bangladesh welcomes you to the third largest beach of the world which a stretches a good expanse of a 120 kilometers all the way to the Indian Ocean. The waters as clear, azure known for their clementine sensation that ripples through you in a single touch. You can always catch fishermen with their catch on your way to surfing.

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