6 Great Places to Visit United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the confluence of four island nations England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
all under the dependency of the crown. The UK is the global trend setter and center of significant
European cultural, financial and law influences. The birthplace of many a great renowned 19 th and 20 th
century writers and bands- Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jane Austen and Shakespeare to name a few.
England is the home to the Kingdom’s vastly known capital and probably the most principle city of UK,
London. Scotland is the land of Scotch, interspersed crags, lochs in highlands and the iconic city of
Glasgow. The Welsh are known for their rugged topography and shorelines as well as, their meticulous
language, cultural influences of the Celtics, medieval castles and opulent nightlife. But here are 6 of the
greatest picks that are a must visit in all of UK.

1. The Giant’s Causeway, North Ireland

Ancient barbaric volcanic eruptions shaped a boardwalk of forty thousand intertwining basalt piers
that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the North Western side of Ireland. It was
named the Giant’s Causeway because of the legends that consists of titans that were seen walking
over the basalt pillars all the way to the Scottish lands. It is a dramatic landscape of celestial beauty
especially at last strokes of twilight.

2. Conwy, Wales

Conwy is the most picturesque waterfront town. The riverside sunsets and the Eleventh Century
constructed epic Castle of Conwy beseech you to visit this part of the wonderful Welsh territory. The
Conwy Castle has one of the most beautiful fortifications ever made, its mighty medieval walls that
mantle the whole town epitomize the historical English/Welsh architecture. A quay and a citadel
what else do you need for a reason to visit?

3. Polperro, England

Suffice to say that London might not be the only place one would want to drop at in England. The
scenic harbor village of Polperro sits on a rugged coastal topography, the ideal escape from the
bustling city. There are tidal pools resting by the mouths of chapels, houses, schools, art galleries
and delicious eateries.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the second most sought-out city in the United Kingdom following London. It is a great
example of boisterous Scottish values and festivals as well as a city of astonishing beauty. Anciently
built fortresses with spectacular views, intriguing bygone exhibits at the National Museum of
Scotland, hillwalking peaks and Scotch and Whiskey distilleries are a mere slice of the size of
adventure it offers.

5. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge is an antediluvian monuments with unknown whereabouts plausibly traced to the
Neolithic ancestors, the stone circle of England is one of the greatest mysteries of the world. The
stone stand erect in a peculiar ring about thirteen feet high in between the moors of Wiltshire. The
ancient panorama is one of the most visited sites in all of UK.

6. Scottish Highlands, Scotland

With Loch Ness and the fictitious Monster “Nessie” at the heart, the Scottish Highlands are a
rendezvous of the prehistoric Urquhart Castle that sits southwest of the village of Inverness, the
Glencoe Valley with its otherworldly cascades and the celebrated red deer that wander through the
hills. The highlands are an epic illustration of the Gaelic culture of the Middle-Ages.

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