Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of exotic crazy. It holds many of the same cultural values as India and Pakistan formerly being a part of the great Sub-Continent of Asia. Same as the Bengali lands the Bengali weather is wild and erratic. Along with sharing a border with India and Myanmar, Bangladesh shares a large coast with the Bay of Bengal which is one of the deepest sea ports in the world. The strong currents from the Bay ensure unexpected heavy showers of rain at any time of the year, the rain only intensifies the actual beauty of Bangladesh.

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Bangladesh inhabits the world’s largest mangrove forest in Sundarbans. The forest although located on the border shared by India and Bangladesh both, the greater part of the forest is on Bengali terrains. The forest in not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also institutes the endangered Bengali tigers which are also the country’s national animal.


Chittagong is the most striking city of Bangladesh and home to many tribal groups that dwell in the hill-tracts of the city. The picturesque river of Sandu is located in the Chittagong hill-tracts area, a jetty ride in the wet season can really be a magical experience. In the magnificent city also dwells the beautiful village of Rangamati surrounded by blue and jade waters where vibrant ferries can be seen floating or an elephant gloriously strolling on the banks.


Bangladesh is the world’s largest producer of tea leaves and Srimangal is the nucleus of tea meadows in the whole country. Even though, Srimangal is one of the most outstanding destinations to visit in Bangladesh it is seldom crowded. You may walk in the lush fields of tea leaves and find yourself alone. A few minutes of cycling can lead you to the divine Hamham Waterfalls of Srimangal an astonishing sight to behold.


Dhaka is not the capital city of Bangladesh for nothing, the city may be unalike the wilderness of Sundarbans and Srimangal but offers another kind of muddy maze. Dhaka is colorful, outlandish and a true glimpse at the uniqueness of Bangladesh. The city used to be the throne of Mughal Emperors and is home to countless synagogues; mosques, temples and churches altogether. Make sure to taste the exotic dishes in Old Dhaka.

Cox’s Bazaar

In a town far South, Bangladesh welcomes you to the third largest beach of the world which a stretches a good expanse of a 120 kilometers all the way to the Indian Ocean. The waters as clear, azure known for their clementine sensation that ripples through you in a single touch. You can always catch fishermen with their catch on your way to surfing.

Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holidays

Caribbean is one of the most beautiful beach and sea regions in the world and is undoubtedly a best place for anyone to spend his cruise and stay holidays. It is not only the place but the weather that will attract you. The weather is always pleasant and there are huge numbers of islands that will attract you senses and this is also a home for many cruise lines, so you get a variety of cruise lines and thus a variety of cruise and stay holidays deal to choose from.

There are about 20 cruise lines that sail the Caribbean Sea but mostly the residents of America prefer the bigger cruise lines, like the Royal Caribbean or the Princess cruise lines.  The bigger cruise lines have a lot of amentias and provide many events on the deck as well as on the land. These cruise lines are best for luxuries cruise and stay holidays as you get everything in it, the staff is so well – mannered and everything is just perfect, but the only drawback of larger cruise lines is that they cannot go to the smaller ports and for this reason the people fond of visiting places choose the smaller cruises that can even board on the smaller cruises. So it is only about the passengers taste if the passenger wants luxury the bigger cruise lines are the best for cruise and stay holidays and if the passenger is fond of visiting different places smaller cruise lines are better for cruise and stay holidays.

One more advantage of the Caribbean cruise and stay holidays is that due to increasing cruise lines and more competition there are more ports on the Caribbean island and thus more destinations to see with a whole new adventure and more choice of locations. The most common cruises that people take are the 7 days cruise and the eastern and western region cruise a stay holidays, but it is only dependent on the personal choice that which region you want to go and sail.

Eastern Caribbean cruise is best for those who want more stays in their cruise and stay holidays and are fond of sopping and therefore get less sailing time and the important ports of this region are the Bahamas, St Thomas, St John, St Martin etc. On the other hand, if you are fond of sailing and want to sail more on your cruise and stay holidays you must go for the western region as there are less number of ports and the most important ports here are Mexico, Jamaica, Belize etc. But on the whole Caribbean is a good region for your next cruise and stay holidays.

Caribbean cruise can prepare a special vegetarian meal for their customers. These meals are available for lunch as well as for dinner. Vegetarian meals in Caribbean cruises are extremely delicious and contain immense flavor of original olives, tomatoes and fresh greens. Many Caribbean cruises also offer you a variety of free special treats including free salads and salsas.

There are quite many restaurants available in Caribbean cruises with vegetarian meals. Each restaurant offers you dine in facility with an extraordinary table decoration including candlelight dinners for couples. Newlywed couples specially enjoy eating vegetarian meals in Caribbean cruises as other meals can highly affect their body temperature.

If you are a lover of vegetarian meal too and are deciding to travel through Caribbean cruises, then please check back with your travel agent that either any vegetarian restaurant is available in the cruise or not. It is ninety nine percent impossible that any Caribbean cruise isn’t offering you a vegetarian restaurant. Many Caribbean cruises can also organize for you to meet with the ship’s chef or cook during your journey, so that he can create a vegetarian meal particularly for you, according to your diet concerns.


Everybody switches to holiday mode as the year ends. Nobody wishes to spend the holidays in their home or go to the same holiday places where they have been before. With so many places that you would wish to be as the year ends, sometimes you cannot be sure which place is perfect at this particular period of the year. Different seasons happens at different times in the world, and no one would wish to go to any destination during a season that is not conducive to maximum pleasure and experience. The following are perfect destinations that are the best choice as the year comes to an end.


  • Sydney, Australia


As the year ends, December marks the beginning of summer in Sydney which makes the weather still and not at its hottest level. This makes Sydney a perfect destination during December holidays. During the end of the year, the city becomes vibrant with so many breathtaking activities taking place here. Many people across the world travel to this city at this time specifically to watch the iconic fireworks which are performed during the New Year’s Eve from the ring to Sydney Harbor. At the end of the year, you can soak up in popular places such as Manly, Cronulla, and Bondi and get a lifetime experience.


  • Tokyo, Japan


It’s Autumn in Tokyo, Japan as the year ends. At the end of the year, you get to enjoy the breathtaking the color of Autumn. This is also a place to enjoy traditions and enjoy hot springs which are at a boiling point. The fairy-lt lane when you visit Japan at the end of the year in Shibuya and Shinjuku is something that you can never miss, and it will automatically bring you to the festive mood. This is a destination that you can visit with the whole family and get out with amazing experiences.


  • Bali, Indonesia


If you desire is to get away from the busy city life for a moment, Bali in Indonesia is the perfect destination as the year ends. Bali has very quiet retreats on the mountainside, breathtakingly beautiful beaches and everything that anyone would desire for a holiday out of the cities. This is a perfect place to detox before you begin a new year. This is a place you can have yoga retreat for spiritual cleansing and very relaxing spas anytime you need to have relaxed moments. The experience in Bali can only be felt if you visit and find out the place that you would always desire to go and spend the end of every year.

Choosing a perfect destination to go on holiday at the end of the year would give you perfect peace of mind to reflect on the year that is just ending as well plan for the year that comes ahead. Whether you love holidays in the cities, or away from the cities factors such as seasons and the culture of the destinations would be major factors to consider. Always you should ensure that the weather conditions and the culture of the destination allow a perfect and relaxed transition from one year to another.

Is Iran really a bad place to travel?

Iran, being one of the top targets of the latest sanctions by the United States and United Nations is actually a very clean and amazing country to travel. The beauty of Iran lies in its people who are very humble, honest, trustworthy and hardworking. That is why Iran has been living so well, even after surviving from all these sanctions. Iran is not a land-locked country and that is where the beauty of Iran resides. It has one of the most wonderful beaches in the world which are along the coastline and kept very clean for visitors and foreigners.

Iran is also very cheap in eateries, hoteling and shopping. The busy Tehran shopping centers are filled with many foreigners from different countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Chinese and major Arabian countries. South Tehran is the place every American needs to visit once in life to view the magical colors of the place. Relatively, North Tehran is more of residential and filled with mostly elite class Iranian people whose main purpose is to bring Iran to the list of most successful countries in the world.

We do not know for sure if Iran is enriching uranium for peaceful purposes or for a bomb, but what we know is that Iran has some cities which are not to miss before you die. These include Mashhad, Hamadan, Shiraz and Esfahan. Millions of Muslims visit these cities each year because of their religious and traditional attractions as well as sites and shrines that belong to the families of their first Prophet. Mashhad is a great city filled with the most humble and down to earth people in the world. This place has a shrine that is mostly visited in a certain month of the year by Muslims. Moreover, Mashhad has a large university and many other attractions that will change your mind about the non-diversity of Iran.

Apart from Tehran and Mashhad, Hamadan is also frequently visited by foreigners because of its cave that has a wonderful entrance and is so cold that you might need a sweater as well as a jacket to easily survive the water raft visit at this cave. This cave also holds major drawings and painting and has beautiful sculptures that will heavily drop your jaws.

One other city a must mention is Isfahan. This city is ranked as the one of the cheapest cities on this world. The markets are filled with latest addition clothing’s, apparels, watches, shoes and various other products in very cheap prices and could be a lot more less if you have the talent and power of bargaining. The word used of bargain in Iran is called “Bakshish”, which literally means “Bargain or make the price less”.

So, Iran is a must visit place to travel this season, if you haven’t already explored this country yet. Leave behind all the claims and warnings from the government and the media and visit this astonishing Asian country this season and we wish you peace, solidarity and harmony. Iran provides a full proof security to all the foreigners including Americans, Australians, Britishers and a couple of other first world countries.

6 Great Places to Visit United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the confluence of four island nations England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
all under the dependency of the crown. The UK is the global trend setter and center of significant
European cultural, financial and law influences. The birthplace of many a great renowned 19 th and 20 th
century writers and bands- Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jane Austen and Shakespeare to name a few.
England is the home to the Kingdom’s vastly known capital and probably the most principle city of UK,
London. Scotland is the land of Scotch, interspersed crags, lochs in highlands and the iconic city of
Glasgow. The Welsh are known for their rugged topography and shorelines as well as, their meticulous
language, cultural influences of the Celtics, medieval castles and opulent nightlife. But here are 6 of the
greatest picks that are a must visit in all of UK.

1. The Giant’s Causeway, North Ireland

Ancient barbaric volcanic eruptions shaped a boardwalk of forty thousand intertwining basalt piers
that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the North Western side of Ireland. It was
named the Giant’s Causeway because of the legends that consists of titans that were seen walking
over the basalt pillars all the way to the Scottish lands. It is a dramatic landscape of celestial beauty
especially at last strokes of twilight.

2. Conwy, Wales

Conwy is the most picturesque waterfront town. The riverside sunsets and the Eleventh Century
constructed epic Castle of Conwy beseech you to visit this part of the wonderful Welsh territory. The
Conwy Castle has one of the most beautiful fortifications ever made, its mighty medieval walls that
mantle the whole town epitomize the historical English/Welsh architecture. A quay and a citadel
what else do you need for a reason to visit?

3. Polperro, England

Suffice to say that London might not be the only place one would want to drop at in England. The
scenic harbor village of Polperro sits on a rugged coastal topography, the ideal escape from the
bustling city. There are tidal pools resting by the mouths of chapels, houses, schools, art galleries
and delicious eateries.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the second most sought-out city in the United Kingdom following London. It is a great
example of boisterous Scottish values and festivals as well as a city of astonishing beauty. Anciently
built fortresses with spectacular views, intriguing bygone exhibits at the National Museum of
Scotland, hillwalking peaks and Scotch and Whiskey distilleries are a mere slice of the size of
adventure it offers.

5. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge is an antediluvian monuments with unknown whereabouts plausibly traced to the
Neolithic ancestors, the stone circle of England is one of the greatest mysteries of the world. The
stone stand erect in a peculiar ring about thirteen feet high in between the moors of Wiltshire. The
ancient panorama is one of the most visited sites in all of UK.

6. Scottish Highlands, Scotland

With Loch Ness and the fictitious Monster “Nessie” at the heart, the Scottish Highlands are a
rendezvous of the prehistoric Urquhart Castle that sits southwest of the village of Inverness, the
Glencoe Valley with its otherworldly cascades and the celebrated red deer that wander through the
hills. The highlands are an epic illustration of the Gaelic culture of the Middle-Ages.